Artist Statement

Every morning, we pass between the state of being asleep and being awake. That transitional state is known as a liminal space. 

Liminal spaces exist all around us. You step into a revolving door and suddenly you are neither inside nor outside the building. Liminal space. You feel that moment when a stranger becomes a friend. It is a breathless moment when a wedding takes us from the engagement to the marriage. I see our lives as the largest and most intimate liminal spaces of our awareness as we transition from birth to death. 

My photographs lock those liminal states in time. The people never age. The water drop never falls. The bubble never bursts.

For my clients, these exact authentic moments exist now only on the page and in our memories. Their lives have already moved on.  

With each gallery, you can explore a different aspect of my work.  Liminal Spaces holds project work such as Cogito and Wandering.  Many Faces contains my sample client galleries. With Closer Look, take a deep dive through my macro lens.

When you allow my photographs to slow down the maddening pace of the world, you will discover they are rich with unique organic liminal spaces.

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Originally from a small paper mill town in PA, Guevin went on to get a BS in Radio and Television with an Advertising minor from Murray State University in Kentucky. She moved from KY, PA, CT, DC, NV, VA, TX, AL, HI, AL, CO, back to VA before settling in Maryland. This life journey has given her a very odd sense of what it means to go "home". 

Canon professional photographer, Sheila currently resides in the DC metro area with her husband Paul, and their little dog Kona.

You can follow Sheila on Instagram for a look at the very ordinary life of an award-winning photographer.  @swguevin 



Founder of the Photo Society MD/VA/DC with pages on Facebook and



10% of Guevin's session fees are donated to either the Crofton Library or to

So Others Might Eat which feeds and assists the homeless and poor in Washington, DC.